About Medicinal Mushrooms

What are the benefits?

Reishi is privileged to offer high potency medicinal mushroom extracts in powder form for home use in quantities small and large. All of our products are 100% non-GMO, Pesticide Free and non-irradiated. Which ones are right for you and your family? Read the below descriptions to understand them better.

Earth Wisdom

Medicinal Mushrooms have long been revered in the cultures of the East for their vital essence and health promoting properties. Mention of their uses and formulations date back to the original Materia Medica in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Fungi are the original Earth Medicine.

Modern Therapies

Scientific research in recent years demonstrates a profound array of health effects exerted by medicinal mushrooms. Special focus has involved immune supportive, anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-viral, brain health and vitality promoting properties making mushrooms the Future of Medicine.

Home Apothecary

An essential in your home apothecary, medicinal mushrooms are really simple to use. Mind-calming when prepared as a simple tea. Vitally energizing when added to your coffee, hot chocolate or smoothie. Deeply nourishing in a warming soup- they offer something for everyone.

Health Benefits

Medicinal Mushrooms are commonly used to reduce stress and anxiety; boost the immune system; hormonal balance and libido; anti-aging and brain health; and chronic autoimmune conditions. Many people use them for general health and vitality support. Our information is all evidence based.

Quality Assurance & Integrity

In full respect of the cultural and ecological values, we only source our mushrooms from sustainable suppliers. All of our products are Pesticide Free, Non-GMO and Non-Irradiated and grown on untreated wood.

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4 Simple Ways To Use

Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Food of the Gods, cacao and medicinal mushrooms. Reishi and Chaga have the perfect bitter chocolaty taste for making a medicinal hot choco. So yum and deeply nourishing for a healthy brain and a happy tummy.
  • We find the bitter chocolaty taste of Reishi and Chaga are a made-in-heaven fit for coffee. Just add 1/3 tsp. to your favourite espresso, cappuccino etc. to give your morning a boost of adrenal vitality.
  • Having a mushroom tea is for the purist at heart. The different fungi evoke unique tastes and feelings but all imbue a calming subtlety - much like a very high quality green tea.
  • Medicinal mushroom broth is the original folk medicine. These special fungi are quite literally nature’s bone marrow and are deeply nourishing to the immune, digestive and nervous systems.