Four Simple Ways To Use Medicinal Mushrooms

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28 June 2017
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Medicinal mushrooms have a rich history of cultural uses as teas and soup broths. Their tastes are edaptable in a variety preparations. Here are four simple ways to enjoy your medicinal mushrooms as you and your family begin to integrate these natural gifts into your everyday health routines.

Remember, a little bit goes a very long way. Starting amounts should be around 1/3 of a tsp. either in a cup or tea pot. At Reishi we recommend getting a feel for light dosages and then building up. 

Sacred Mayan Hot Chocolate

Food of the Gods, cacao and medicinal mushrooms. So yum and deeply nourishing for a healthy brain and a happy tummy.  Reishi and Chaga have the perfect  bitter chocolaty taste for making a medicinal hot choco.

Method: Cook up 1-2 heaping TBS of raw cacao in almond or coconut milk together with 1 tsp of maple syrup or jaggery. Spice up with a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom and then ½ tsp of Reishi, Chaga or Lion’s Mane.

Enjoy this delicious and nutritious morning brew full of healthy chemicals to boost brain power. This time you can give your kids or your inner child something that pleases in every way.

Mushroom Coffees… the Chaga Java

We find the bitter chocolaty taste of Reishi and Chaga are a made-in-heaven fit for coffee.

Method: Prepare your favorite blend of espresso, cappuccino or French press. Then add 1/3 tsp of your preferred medicinal mushroom and stir in. 

The Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps on the other hand have an almost creamy kind of taste. If you are looking for that massive energy and vitality burst Cordyceps would be our number one choice.

Mushroom Tea

Having a mushroom tea is for the purist at heart. The different fungi evoke unique tastes and feelings but all imbue a calming subtlety- much like a very high quality green tea.

We began our journey with medicinal mushrooms every evening by enjoying a cup Reishi to quiet the mind and have a more restful sleep.  Reishi is the taste and soul of the forest, if you haven’t already read about its special qualities click here.

Our medicinal fungi all have distinct characters in both taste and the subtlety they evoke. Turkey Tails have a special sweet-sour woody taste. Lion’s Mane is light, creamy and almost vanilla-like. The Chaga feels deep, rich and aromatic whether prepared light or dark. Enjoy the teas over a deep read, enlightening conversation or reflective moment. To prepare, place 1/3 tsp in your mug or 1/2 tsp in a tea pot. Pour hot water in, the powder will dissolve instantly.

Nourishing Medicinal Mushroom Broth

Medicinal mushroom broth is the original folk medicine. These special fungi are quite literally nature’s bone marrow and are deeply nourishing to the immune, digestive and nervous systems.

Method: To prepare a warming medicinal mushroom broth stew chopped leek, a handful of shitake mushrooms, garlic, ginger, carrots, shallots, mung bean sprouts, leafy greens and burdock root. Cook the soup long enough over a low heat until the veggies fall apart. Then add ½ a tsp. of your favorite Reishi brand medicinal mushroom powder or blend.

Our director insists Turkey Tails and Lion’s Mane are must-have. Lion’s Mane is known as a broth builder for its chicken-bone like taste.


Disclaimer. The information represented in this article is meant to provide concepts from evidence based research. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any health condition. For appropriate treatment methods please contact your healthcare provider. 


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