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Turkey Tail Extract – non-GMO


Immune Support | Prebiotic & Microbiome Support | Digestion | Anti-viral

We are proud to offer pesticide free, non-GMO Turkey Tail powder as a 15:1 extract. Known in Japanese as Kawaritake or Cloud Mushrooms, its concentric rings evoke symbology of health, spiritual essence and timelessness. Turkey Tail tea has a special taste best described as woody and sweet with a mildly sour after taste. Enjoy this stand alone gift of nature as an evening tea.

  • Pesticide Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-irradiated
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Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract has health properties that involve:

Immune Activation & Support | Immune Building During Chemotherapy | Brain Tissue Antioxidant | Anti-viral | Prebiotic and Microbiome Support | Bone Density Support

Therapeutic use of Turkey Tail mushrooms dates back to the Ming Dynasty in 15th century China whereas the indigenous peoples of North America and other cultures have long used them to treat a variety of health conditions. These multi-colored polypore mushrooms with concentric bands grow in clusters on hardwoods throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Turkey Tail mushrooms (Trametes versiculor) are becoming well known for their significant immune enhancing activity against cancer. Scientifically speaking, Turkey Tail mushrooms contain two unique protein-bound polysaccharides, PSK and Polysaccharopeptide (PSP), that boost the immune system causing a unique “host versus tumor” effect as well as immune-protective qualities during chemotherapy (1,2).

Both compounds have well documented immuno-modulation against cancer activity, especially PSK in both in vitro and in vivo studies involving a variety of cancer types (3-8). Other studies emphasize effects such as Antioxidant (9), DNA protective (10), Anti-viral (11) Anti-herpetic, Anti-HPV (12), Prebiotic and Microbiome supportive (13,14), Immunomodulatory (15,16), Brain Tissue Antioxidant (17) and Bone Density enhancement (18,19).

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Disclaimer. The information represented in this article is meant to provide concepts from evidence based research. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any health condition. For appropriate treatment methods please contact your healthcare provider.

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